Intention Candle - Jordi - Archangel of Animals

$ 11.99

4 Inch Candle Representing Jordi - Archangel of Animals

Burn Time = Approximately 50 Hours

Spiritual Candles : Suggestions for Use

The Candles may be used for decorative enjoyment, or for intention, prayer and blessings. People of all faiths and walks of life use candle lighting as a way to catalyze prayers and desires. Lighting a candle helps to illuminate us when we are troubled. Here are some guidelines for using them for intention, prayer or blessings.

1.Select a candle with an image that fits your intention. For example, for prosperity choose Fortuna or Lakshmi. For attracting a love partner, Krishna and Radhu would be appropriate. If you or someone you care for needs healing, select Immaculate Mary or Kuan Yin. These are just examples, whichever candle you are attracted to will be perfect.

2.Find an area to burn the candle. Select a place where the candle is safe and won’t be knocked over. You will want to keep the candle in the same location and not move it once it is lit if possible.

3.Clearly formulate your prayer or intention. It is important to phrase your intention in the present as if it is already happening. An example, “ I have a loving and caring partner now” as opposed to “ I really want to have a boy/girlfriend”. Be specific and be in the present.

4. Sit in front of your candle and breathe deeply. Become calm and centered. Mentally repeat your intention or prayer. FEEL what it is like to already have your prayer answered. Use all your senses, smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing. This is a very important step. Continue for seven minutes if possible.

5.Light the candle as you again say your prayer or intention. You may say this out loud or mentally. Leave the candle lit and every day return to it repeating steps three and four.

Do not worry if your candle goes out, your prayer is not lost. Just relight.